Freitag, 17. März 2017

Lazarus and application bar from linux desktops.

If you don't like that child forms from Lazarus visible on the application bar is then do this.
1) If you use anchordocking then open components/anchordocking.pas  and make this change:
constructor TAnchorDockHostSite.CreateNew(AOwner: TComponent; Num: Integer);
  {$IfDef LINUX}
  ShowInTaskBar:=stNever; //Soner added


2) For not docked child forms open them and make same changes. I make here changes for ObjectInspector:

//  components/ideintf/objectinspector.pp

constructor TObjectInspectorDlg.Create(AnOwner: TComponent);
  FComponentEditor := nil;
  {$IfDef LINUX}ShowInTaskBar:=stNever; {$IfEnd}//Soner

This is my xfce-panel entries before modification (Messages was docked to source-editor):

This is after modification:

Sorry for the very small pictures, i have very small panel size (18pixel).

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